Psychological Counseling Therapies Psychological Counseling Therapies, PLLC

Our Mission and Philosophy

My experience indicates that people are attempting to overcome personal pain while having positive, personal growth. Their pain shows up in many ways. They may be anxious, have a depressed state, mood swings, adjustment-related issues, substance use as a self-mediating tool that leads to addiction, or a host of ineffective coping styles that are harmful to the person’s best interests.

It is the mission at PCT to work with the client to address the personal pain in a way that helps
them to see their lives from a rational, critical-thinking approach. The use of therapies that are tailored to meeting them where they are is important. The goal of overcoming these personal pains is our primary starting goal. Educating the patient and having sincere personal regard for your well-being is my motivation for treatment.

From the initial starting point, the progress of therapy is to address those thinking and emotional roadblocks that are hindering their individual best interest. We will work together to overcome their, often, unhelpful coping tools. Replacing their previous way of approaching individual issues with more effective tools and approaches to life’s problems is the goal of therapy.

The best interests of the client serves as the reason for our efforts. Fulfilling the plan to improve the client’s life is the mission for the therapies we use.

Serving as a bridge between our clients and their reconnection to their Source is a challenge we cherish.