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Dr. Michael A. Gray, EDD
Doctorate of Education of Counseling Psychology
West Virginia Licensed Psychologist #1107

"GROUP THERAPY-Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Programming"
(A Dual Diagnosis Approach)

Psychological Counseling Therapies offers a Group Therapy format specifically dedicated to assisting those who have both a substance abuse and a mental health condition. Since it is typical for those who have mental health diagnosis issues to also have co-occurring substance abuse (commonly referred to as dual diagnosis), PCT has developed a comprehensive, intensive approach to assisting those who have these issues A brief look at the program that has eight (1) hour group sessions regarding assisting to recovery from addiction while addressing the underlying factors offers:

(1) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- Dealing with Dysfunctional Lifestyles using Rational Thinking
(2) CBT-Step 2- Emotions/The Modern Day Preference by a Secular Society and the Onset of Substance Abuse/Mental Health Issues
(3) Behaviors- Being Judged by Our Actions (The 2 Types of Behaviors)
(4) Emotional Self-Regulating Lifestyle- Taking Charge of Your Life So That It Does Not Take Charge of You (A common sense approach to good Mental Health)
(5) It's All About Coping- Failure to Cope is at the Root of Poor Behavior and Ineffective Coping Allows for Poor Mental Health
(6) The 40/40/20 Developmental Progression- How We Got to Where We Are and From Where We Get Those Dysfunctional Ideas & Behaviors
(7) The Perspective of Addiction- Addict’s vocabulary and the recovery process
(8) It's All in the Brain- How Our Mind Functions and How We Are Affected by Misuse

An additional sixteen 1 hour individual session follow-up are included (phase 2) to help further assist the client to process and apply the materials and results of the group treatment experience that is above highlighted.

The cost of the program is $200.00 for the entire program of eight group sessions and one U/S Drug Screen. The individual cost of the program per each individual group session is $25.00 each session (Medicaid available) if paid individually. Any additional drug screens required will incur the $25.00 per drug screen cost as described in our "Services" page.

The additional sixteen follow-up individual therapy sessions are for one hour each and are at the individual therapy rate per each session as described in the "Services" page.

Phase 2 - A “Redesign of Addiction Attitudes”

In order to assist clients enrolled in area provider medication assisted recovery-or to maintain abstinence as a requirement of various area agencies; you may choose to enroll in our (1) hour monthly Phase 2 sessions to satisfy provider's requirements for counseling while under their care (check with your providers to ensure that they will accept your enrollment in our group therapy sessions to fulfill their requirements).

(Fees of $25.00 per each hourly session by cash payment when registering each week at the time of the session applies for each enrolling participant).

The goal is to have the Dual Diagnosis graduate have the opportunity to practice healthy lifestyles and gain new perspectives that do not support further substance use or abuse. You will be able to work with other recovering substance users and work with Dr. Gray who will direct the sessions to assist the group members to grow in their recovery.

Your (1) hour monthly Phase 2 treatment schedule is of your choosing and you may select either,

  1. 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Wednesday (weekday morning),
  2. 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Wednesday (weekday evening), or
  3. 11:00 AM to 12:00 NOON on Saturday (weekend morning) 

Please call the receptionist at 304-350-8380 to be added to the schedule for Phase 2 today!
I look forward to seeing you and providing you with a dynamic and change-producing therapy experience.

Dr. Michael Gray, EDD