Psychological Counseling Therapies Psychological Counseling Therapies, PLLC

Dr. Michael A. Gray, EDD
Doctorate of Education of Counseling Psychology
West Virginia Licensed Psychologist #1107

Services: Fees pro-rated by insurance standards

  • U/S Drug Screening (Observed) $25.00 Each.
  • Individual Counseling Services for Adults (age 18 and above). Up to $150.00 per visit/ 45 minutes to 1 hour session.
  • Couples Counseling Services for adult couples. Up to $150.00 per visit/ 45 minutes to 1 hour session.
  • Family Counseling Services (on a case-by-case need basis). Up to $175.00 per visit/ 45 minutes to 1 hour session.
  • Group Counseling Services (for Substance Use addiction and dual diagnosis treatment- Groups are formed on an as needed basis with ongoing registration based on a minimum of 5 group members preferred). $25.00 per person/ per each 1 hour session. For Dual Diagnosis group, each session is 1 hour.
  • Psychological Evaluations/Assessments: Adults (18 and above). Up to $225.00 per interview and diagnostic evaluation/ 1 hour or more as needed.

Rates will be prorated for insurance.

Payment is expected at the time of services and we accept individual self-pay as well as many insurances to assist you in receiving our services. They include:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, PEIA, and Medicaid insurances for payment. Please note that a co-pay may be needed (and is expected to be made prior to service). Presently, we may accept out of network payment from Cigna and Universal HealthCare insurances also.